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Human Movement Matters + Solar Panels, Batteries, Green Energy & Good people!

We have partnered with SolarEarth ( to provide the most comprehensive zero emissions home solution from energy capture to usage.  Our complete package sized on your specific usage comes with the panels, batteries, professional services and your choice of Freedom2 Electric Board.

What does this solution actually provide?

People around the world are now utilizing electrically thrusted mobility devices like our Freedom & Freedom2 to get around their daily lives.  Our technological advantage is our simplicity as ecologically minded transportation can now be 100% green energy as it will be captured from the very roof of your home.  Our products today require you to plug in for power but we wanted to take the ecological aspect further and we some business friends to help out.  SolarEarth is a South San Francisco based company that will be providing the home portion of the solution that will incorporates solar panels and Enphase AC batteries and a full software management system that you can monitor & manage from iOS and Andriod devices.

What does this mean to me?

We make the coolest products, but we want to get beyond cool and allow it to benefit your life in an efficient and cost effective way.  Allowing you the ability to collect sunlight and store it in batteries for later usage is a simplistic was to not waste what daylight provides us.  By harvesting the sun's rays into batteries, you now have the ability to discharge and use that collected energy upon your return home.  All the hard work is done for you without doing any more work.  Go ahead and plug in your cars, boards, bikes into your home.  You will not see a difference, you'll just be drawing from the batteries stored safely along the interior wall of your garage or space you find effective.

How easy is this system to use?

Super easy!  Once installed your upkeep is practically zero.  You will be using the same plugs at home, using the same outlets, using the same everything.  The magic happens through the software application technology that will allow you to monitor and manage.  

How smart is that software?

Super smart... but it will never become self aware and take over!  

Seriously, it takes samples of your usage history and visualizes it into easy to read graphs.  You'll know how much electricity was captured, stored and ready for usage.

When is this package available?

Our installation crews are now fully trained and certified for the enphase products.  This will be initially available only for the California market starting in August 2016.

Who do I contact?

1.866.704.6570 Refer to the "Totali Home Solution" or email