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Totali: Hats, Hats & More Hats (What you really wanted to know but afraid to find out)

August 4th, 2014 marked the first sighting of our long anticipated hat line out in general public.  As summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter a cadence of products will be introduced reflecting the season we are in.  Regardless... lets talk about this wool blend, flat-bill, snapback hat with detailed puff embroidery carefully laid out across the product.  First thing we want to point out is that this is a 100% Totali brand creation.  We did not use a blank hat template!  Each panel, stitch, color, thread, fit and finish were our creation.  This was a major undertaking for us as the path of least resistance is to purchase a finished hat and send it off... based on our market research our customer base will find this cheap and not find value in our brand.  So, we decided to create our hats from the ground up as we worked with our design team in San Diego, California USA under exhaustive conditions.  What you see here reflects our design premise and the attention to detail only found with a custom made product.
You will be very pleased with your purchase of the Totali BLK_on_BLK wool flat-bill hat!