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Movement, Motion & Exercise (The Totali Board)

Fresh air, great outdoors & burning between 200 to 300+ calories per hour without going to the gym. What?! What do you mean I can do this without really working out?

The answer is the humble skateboard. We start off with very thin Canadian maple veneer, roughly the thickness of a credit card. The magic happens when we take seven of these base veneers and apply them under tremendous compression, sandwiched with layers of stabilizing laminate in our factory in Southern California U.S.A.

The base deck is formed to the mold of our specification, then a curing and drying period. Next is our cutting and shaping process which begins to fine-tune the once raw material into a shape globally recognized as skateboard.

Our founders’ attention to detail is so meticulous that we have employed a synchronous drill procedure (SDP) for the truck mounts. What is SDP?… to ensure all holes are spaced accurately without rotational movement during manufacturing, all eight positioning holes for truck mounting are drilled at once. This ensures our product has the most accurate hole positioning aligned with the center line of the board. We understand our market is not the typical skateboard teenager but the discerning outdoor exercise individual that values quality of life in the same regard as the products they choose.

Please allow us to earn your business and choose from our line of longboard & conventional decks 100% manufactured in the United States of America.

Now, go out… Ride fast & take chances!