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Living an active lifestyle: Only Human Motion Matters

206, 700 and 1

What are these numbers?  What do they mean?  

There are 206 bones in the human body.

700 muscles allowing those bones to be in motion

One brain.  

In its most simplistic form, human motion depends on these base three functions.  But looking at base elements alone does not capture the sheer beauty in our ability to laugh, love, learn, and long for the un-explored.  Our team at Totali explores the world of motion through the medium of human movement in all forms of action.  

Action, can be found in walking, talking, running, snowboarding, surfing and pretty much anything that burns calories.

In the next few weeks our company will be making a significant product release in our skateboard and longboard offerings.  We view these platforms as a means of motion not just recreation.  The shape, design and attention to detail within all our products are meant for individuals wanting the very best, now they are able to have it.

Our company design studio is based in San Francisco.  In this urban environment we are very sensitive to space, motion and the ability to live within the framework of ones surroundings.  The subtle design cues and inspiration are influenced from the Silicon Valley just to the south of us.  

Please join us in living an active lifestyle and allowing our Totali brand to be part of your growth.