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Why is skateboarding so cool? Our Totali rational explanation.

I recently attended a very formal board of directors meeting at a California west coast university.  In the audience were a collection of regional movers/shakers and even a United States Congressman.  In the span of that two day endeavor one of the most perplexing question I received was: "Why is skateboarding so cool?"

It was a really good question! - In a recent unscientific survey in the United States, Skateboarding was found to be the 3rd most popular sport with teenagers, coming in just under football and basketball.  In my global travels throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean... Skateboarding is just as popular.  How do we critically examine this global phenomenon?

Lets first look at the physical anatomy of skateboarding:

(1) Rider + (2) skateboard + (3) Interest.  

I founded Totali as an Action Sports company focusing on all things movement.  This love of movement can be traced back to my youth.  As a very portly pre-teen, evolving to a uncoordinated chubby teenager skateboarding allowed me the ability to develop self my personal non-verbal self expression. If you are a fast, athletic guy, it will show in your skateboarding style. If you want everything slow, that will show. If you are graceful, if you are a daredevil, or if you are a joker, it will all come out in your skateboarding.  Being yourself, learning tricks and developing a style that is all you - for us at Totali, that is the biggest reason why skateboarding is so cool!  

Rafael Zamora

Founder & CEO | Totali Action Sports Co.