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Electric Technology has Arrived: Totali FREEDOM

If you are looking for a 60 mph gravity ride that utilizes friction and body mechanics to contain your trajectory down hill... then we will ask you to move forward to our other products.

What we release today is called FREEDOM.  It should be considered as an electric vehicle.  Weighs less than a beach cruiser, it can be carried with you anywhere.  Over half of vehicle transportation in the United States is under 8 miles, our battery pack has a 15 mile range.  With one charge you will be able to cover nearly 70% of transportation distances in the USA.  It uses 22 times less energy for every mile/kilometer over a gasoline car.

The most significant aspect in our design premise is that it reduces the foot print of your personal energy consumption per mode of transportation.  In our minds this dramatically changes the landscape of personal usage of 1 person per automobile for short distances

We have been working in secret to introduce our first Professional Grade electric powered platform called Totali FREEDOM. Our 15lbs platform has 2400 watts of power that thrusts you up to 22mph (35km/h), climb 20% grades which covers some of San Francisco, Berkeley, Tahoe & Seattle's steepest hills. Our newly designed motor provides extra torque for super quick acceleration from a dead stop and powerful braking for those sudden emergency situations. You will find the speed and maneuverability on FREEDOM satisfying all hardcore expectations. Also added are cool "life" features that make riding this a no-brainer. 

We designed an automatic correct and decode so the hand-held speed controller mates seamless to your specific skateboard and will not interfere with other FREEDOM(s).

Our built in processing logic processor will automatically self-test for system troubles and will sound alarms when wrong operation occurs like, insufficient battery charge, damage, etc. Lastly, the feature that our founder is most proud of is the automatic shut-off feature if/when you forget to power off FREEDOM after use.

Battery : Super capacity LiFePO4 battery
Belt Drive: 3M wider Belt
Trucks: Magnesium alloy industrial strength
Deck: 8 ply 100% Canadian maple
Berings: Ceramic smooth ride bearings
Wheels: DuPont MDI high rebound Poly
Bolts: Alloy steel bolts
Traction: SiC Grip Anti-Slip
Weight: 15lbs/7kg
Distance per charge: 15mi/25km
Loading capacity: 400lbs/200kg
Max speed: 22mph/35km
Charge Interval: 2Hours

Pre-sale price is $1399.00 + delivery. What are you waiting for? Buy it!

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