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MagicSTICK & Totali FREEDOM Electric

We want to talk to you about the MagicSTICK, lets run through the basics.  The apartment, house or the coffee shop that you’re sitting in right now is saturated with radio waves.  There are so many waves in fact, seeping through from radio stations, TV stations, cellular towers, and our galaxy itself, onto the space you occupy.  We are being constantly bombarded with electromagnetic waves through a variety of frequencies, many of which have been encoded with specific data, whether it be a TXT, a KIK, Tweet or digital voice.  Basically, these radio waves are everywhere and we chose a 2.4Ghz wireless frequency as the principal medium of data transfer so you are not encumbered by wires. 

Now at this point you are wondering… Totali Action Sports Co., MagicSTICK, where is all this going?

Let us explain.  Our MagicSTICK is the control center for our FREEDOM Electric platform.  FREEDOM is the name of our revolutionary four wheeled vehicle that allows individuals fluidity and freedom of movement at a very human scale. 

Its core features include a riding platform, wheels, energy source, and a control mechanism.  What we want to focus on is the control technology that we call MagicSTICK.  We took lots of careful measurements on size, fit & function on how to create a control mechanism that is comfortable to hold.  Unlike a riding platform (skateboard deck) in which you are generally insulated by shoes.  A hand-held device poses a set of mechanical challenges we needed to overcome because a human being is holding its weight 100% of the time.

SIZE:  Does it feel good in my hands?  What about her hands?  His hands?

FIT:  Is it comfortable?  Is it too heavy?  How heavy is too heavy?

Function:  Is it intuitive enough that no directions are needed?  Are the input controls legible?

The above were a few of the hundreds of question we pondered over.  Ultimately what we came up with is the a round sided rectangular object with an oblong curve sympathetic the ergonomics of a clinched hand.  If you have held dry-erase markers in your hand the largest comfortable size to hold are two pens side by side.  With this data point we built our prototypes. During the design work Rafael Zamora’s first priority was to “Design it in a way that its not even there. Did you count how many breaths you took this past hour?”  No, because you didn’t know…  and it doesn’t matter.

Our success factor for MagicSTICK is to never hear from our adoring public.  If you as a user forgets about it, that means it’s a natural fit and a job well done by our design team.  When you purchase FREEDOM you get a MagicSTICK automatically.  As you hold it in your hand, please take it for granted, forget about it and allow yourself the pleasure of human movement accompanied by technology.