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Music moves. People move. Music moves people. Together, we are moving. by Savage Sun

Article blog post provided by Globe Massive Entertainment

As an independent artist, I’ve been blessed to find the kind of success that I’ve experienced. I’ve rocked stages all around the world in places like New Zealand, Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Germany, & many others. I’ve performed with fellow artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Blink 182 & members of Jurassic 5, among others. I’ve played distinguished clubs & received radio rotation all over the globe, garnered press in major newspapers & magazines, as well as on highly relevant music sites. Of all that I’ve accomplished, there are two things that mean the most to me. The 1st is the relationships that I’ve forged with so many amazing souls along the way. The 2nd is the unique content that I’ve created, setting me apart from other artists. From animated music videos, comic books & DVD’s in my album releases, I always make sure to give the fans more.

When Rafael approached me to share the vision of Totali, with the intention of forming a partnership, I was seriously blown away. Not only did I sense the same dedication, ambition, & determination in Rafael that I recognize within myself, I also saw something else. Our goals were aligned. Rafael’s vision for Totali consists of building a sound foundation. Totali embraces the idea of creating authentic, meaningful relationships with customers. These are the type of relationships I am known for cultivating with my fans. Totali also brings forth a revolutionary approach to its action sports designs, other products, & promotional content. One thing my fans often tell me is that my music sounds different from anything else they’ve heard before. This is because I, like Totali, care about creating unique content for listeners & carving my own path as an artist.

This is what it means to have a creative vision: Create something original that comes from your heart or soul & then bring it to life so that others can share in the beauty of your imagination. Obviously, the partnership with Totali Action Sport Co. was a no brainer for me. Combining action sports & music in the way that we are doing is as revolutionary as Totali’s designs. When you stop & think about it though, it makes all the sense in the world. Music moves. People move. Music moves people. Together, we are moving, shaping, living & experiencing. I encourage anyone who feels the need to move, one that stirs deep down in their soul, to come along for the ride with us. From Cali to anywhere a board can be ridden & a song can be heard, we keep it movin.’

Let’s go...

by Christopher Schamber / Savage Sun