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Tech, A New Frontier: Social Commentary by C. Schamber

Last week kicked off a two week, two part social blog commentary by Christopher Schamber.  A formally trained social worker that has experienced the human condition through his global travels in developing countries and domestic North American life. (2 of 2)

Tech, A New Frontier
Technology continues to take shape and evolve, transforming the social landscape of the present day in ways we never could have anticipated even as recently as a decade ago. Not only are we witnessing this transformation, we as individuals are actively taking part in helping to shape the ways in which technology becomes integrated into our lives. From the way people seek out romance on apps such as Tinder or Internet dating sites, to navigating their cities using transportation apps like Uber, developers are experimenting with new technologies and the people are voting with investments of their time and money as to which technologies we will experience in the coming years.
This experience is not unique to North America but internationally.  When asked a European:  “What is the most significant impact that technology has had on your life?”  Marco (Treviso, Italy), 27, had this to say: “The technology permits me to connect with people so fast.” “It's helping me to make my music and share it all around the world.” Indeed, technology, such as hand held devices, apps, translation programs, & the internet have helped to accelerate the pace of life, as well as connect people in all corners of the globe. This ability to connect with almost anyone, anywhere around the world in mere seconds and at the touch of a screen, has vastly changed the way we communicate, do business, and gather information.
This type of virtual movement reminds me of the vision brought forth by Totali:  I use this company as an example because it has demonstrated with it’s forward vision that it understands the implications of a rapidly changing world.  The majority of the feature enhancement and soon to be released products are from that immediate interaction between manufacturer and consumer.  Never before have we seen mere individuals shape the technology they want to have created in order to adapt along with such a world. This blueprint of adapting is innovation to meet the demand of the market based on consumer needs is essential in order to remain competitive and is the hallmark of a successful social responsible organization.
Christopher Schmaber, MSW
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