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Technology Around Us: Social Commentary by C. Schamber

Over the next two weeks we will have two part social blog commentary by Christopher Schamber.  A formally trained social worker that has experienced the human condition through his global travels in developing countries and domestic North American life. (1 of 2)

A Paradigm Shift
We continually find that everything is becoming integrated, from our TV’s and Cellular phones, to our home appliances and vehicles, and it doesn’t end there. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence and robotics, we are on the cusp of an entirely different way of life that is arriving faster than most of us can even comprehend. From individual lives to the cities where people live, we are just beginning to witness some of the different ways in which technology is reshaping our world. Antiquated ways of doing things die fast in a world that is rapidly changing, supplanted by more efficient means. We live in a time where younger generations don’t know a world without the Internet and aren’t comfortable communicating digitally if they aren’t using a touchpad. Young minds are learning at an accelerated pace, adapting with ease to the influx of new information. These are the same young minds that are or will soon be creating and advancing the technology of the near future.

From wearable technology like Apple's rumored AR Glasses, Watches and Fitbit, to social network apps like Instagram, Snapchat and, the way of the future is already at hand and we can expect that it will only continue to see more advances as technology aims to create more efficiency and convenience in our lives. Beyond this, however, new advances in medicine, electrical transportation like Totali's CHAOS and many sectors of science and education promise to revolutionize human lifestyle in ways we still cannot predict. Regardless of whether or not we are comfortable with the pace of technological growth, we cannot stop the reality that technology is rapidly beginning to touch nearly all aspects of our lives. We can, however, choose to embrace the positive aspects of technology and take an active part in ushering in an entirely new era that the world has never seen before.

Christopher Schmaber, MSW

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